A Fun Sport That Gives Us Life Lessons

Most of us are seeing golf as a fun sport. Yes it is but did you know that sports also teach us great lessons in life? Well, most of us may have missed this part but it is true. Just for example, if you want to become a basketball pro, pretty sure to achieve your goals of becoming a better player, you will spend your time, energy and will exert a lot of effort in practicing and taking care of your wellness so you can carry on during the game. We persevere! It is because we have a certain goal that we want to achieve no matter how many times we fail, we never quit. That is just one example of life lessons that you can learn from being a sports fan.

When playing golf, it is completely a very different place, different equipment that you will use during the game and different techniques that you will apply from any other sports as it has its own rules and regulations that must be carefully followed.

If you have just started playing golf, you can’t always expect yourself to be excellent in hitting the ball and roll it perfectly into the direction of the hole. You’ll experience being disappointed if you don’t hit the ball correctly or if you always miss the goal. Don’t worry, even the golf pros has experienced that same situation when they were still learning.

The lessons of golf that you can apply to your life are first, perseverance. You can’t just take one shot and if you missed the ball, you’ll just walk away and get frustrated. That is the reason why you were playing golf. Not only because you love the game, have you also wanted to be good at it! You just can’t miss the chance.

Just looking at the game, it looks kind of complex. You need to have proper body coordination. The arms, the eyes, the legs, the shoulders and it seems like you have to work your whole body to hit the perfect shot. Maybe at the first missed shot you will say to yourself, “I probably just quit” but because you’re already there, you just want to make it happen and finish the game. The truth is that the game of golf is a challenging endeavor and that you have to practice more often to become a better player. No excuses. The same applies to what you can learn in life. When you face challenges, you can’t just quit and run away from it but instead, you just keep on trying hard to ease the difficulties and make everything work out the way you wanted them to be.

The second lesson of golf that you can learn is patience. You become patient in practicing diligently and then you’ll realize that every shot is an adventure.

Lastly, if you will continue working on it, you will certainly achieve your goal. The same lesson that life and golf can teach you is to never cheat. Cheating will only hurt you in the end.

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