A High Tech, Reusable, Cold Chain Shipping Container, The Solution to the Growing Landfill Problem

The Kodiak cold chain shipping container is a technological leap forward from traditional one-way disposable packaging solutions for cold chain shipping. This technological leap coupled with the Active CC Boxes depot system (modeled after the 40 foot intermodal shipping container system) for handling the containers as they flow around the world makes the Kodiak the first truly economical, reusable, sustainable, small package cold chain shipping container.

The Kodiak is designed to make over 100 shipments. At the end of its life, it is returned to its manufacturer where the container is salvaged and 65% is reused in a new container, 30% is recycled, and 5% becomes landfill. This is a very green solution.

The superior insulation of the vacuum panels in the Kodiak reduces the cubic volume of the Kodiak container when compared to conventional expanded polystyrene (EPS) or polyurethane (PUR) foam containers. The comparative wall thickness and equivalent cubic volume of each type of container would be:

  • Kodiak 1.0″ – 6.66 cubic feet
  • PUR 5.88″ – 19.63
  • EPS 9.53″ – 36.11

One hundred (100) Kodiak’s would be required for 10,000 shipments. 10,000 each of EPS or PUR containers would be required for the same number of shipments.. Assuming no salvage of a Kodiak container, visualize that the Kodiak containers would cover a football field 0.014 feet deep (0.168 inches). The PUR containers would be 4.09 feet deep. The EPS would be 7.52 feet deep.

.Since the cooling system in the Kodiak is in the lid, the inside space is totally usable for product because the payload area does not require gel packs. This results in fewer Kodiak shipments as compared to conventional foam container shipments for the same product volume. This results in shipping cost savings.

Another major advantage of the Kodiak comes from its superior technology. Its active temperature controller regulates the internal temperature based on current ambient temperature fluctuations. This eliminates the necessity of complicated pack-out protocols where mistakes are made that cause spoilage of customer product.

In the pharmaceutical cold chain shipping industry, spoilage rates of 25 to 30 percent are acknowledged. The active temperature control on the Kodiak compensates for changes in ambient temperature and eliminates the temperature excursions that cause spoilage. The patented Kodiak Thermal Shield prevents temperature stratification in the payload area. The Thermal Shield is an aluminum box that equalizes the temperature 10,000 times faster than the conventional convection method. This reduces temperature differences to less than 0.5°C at any point in the payload area as compared to differences as high as 5°C in conventional foam packaging. This helps maintain the temperature in the 2° – 8°C range and eliminates spoilage.

All cold chain packages are designed with an “UP” side and most perform poorly which results in product spoilage if they are not shipped in the correct orientation. The Kodiak Thermal Shield allows the Kodiak to maintain temperature if it is shipped on its side. However, since the Kodiak has handles, handlers place it in the proper orientation most of the time.

The final good news – the cost per shipment of a Kodiak™ is comparable to the cost of a one-way disposable foam shipping container.

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