Alternative Medicine Vs Conventional Medicine – Does Alternative Medicine Work?

In the last 10 years I have seen several acupuncturists. They were all Chinese who studied their profession in China. All the doctors I have seen thought that conventional and alternative medicine should be combined together, and that eliminating one totally, would be harmful.

Some Alternative Medicine Works, Some Do Not.

many people wonder if it works. My answer is – it depends what treatment you are receiving and how much do you believe in it. Let me ask you this: Does antibiotics works? Does all the pharmaceutical medicine you take works? The matter of fact is that all pharmaceutical medicine MAY fix one problem and MAY also cause another. So by taking it you expose your body to new diseases. Acupuncture, Tai Ci, yoga, meditation and many other alternative methods to heal the body including simply exercise, does work. They work on different parts of the body. One thing is for sure: None of these methods will MAYBE harm your body in any way. You not exposing your self to any diseases, and the only thing you do is helping the body to heal, NATURALLY.

I had to have an operation once and then I went to see my acupuncture doctor for maintenance of my body. After all, it was not a natural process but it had to be done. Because an operation involves opening the body up, thus exposing the insides to bacteria, a patient will be given a course of antibiotics. Antibiotics is a medicine that kills a large range of bacteria in the body. In our body we always have good bacteria that IS in charge oN proper function of our immune system but in some cases we have bad bacteria that causes infection. If not treated, that infection can be deadly. I started taking my antibiotics after that operation and when I came to see my acupuncturist Dr Henry Su I asked him if I should take the antibiotics since it causes damage as well as doing good. Can acupuncture alone treat the bad bacteria in my body and cleanse it in a natural way. His answer was: “You should take your antibiotics until you finish its course but also take the herbs I am giving you. Acupuncture cannot deal with a possible internal infection, for this you need something stronger than acupuncture. There is no contradiction in this case, and we sometimes have to combine traditional and conventional medicine.

Alternative medicine is designed to work slowly on the root of a problem you may have. To properly fix a problem, heal a disease or make any good progress one has to be patient and work on it thoroughly. Thorough work takes time, thorough work also has a solid base to success. There is no quick fix, and there is no instant success. In closing, heal your body naturally over time and enjoy a good healthy life for ever.

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