Candy Floss and Popcorn As Entertainment Brain Food!

Is it the smell? Is it the taste? Or just simply the bright fluffy colours which catch you’re wandering eyes across the blinding lights of the fair ground? Candy floss or cotton candy has been a fun fair favourite since festivities began, and continues today to please all ages with its simply sweet flavour spun from what is quite simply sugar.

Candy floss is made by pouring sugar into a machine which can be purchased in stores or online from a variety of retailers, and prices are known to vary considerably. The most common way to spin is by using a stick, and making rotations within the machine. When you’re happy with your puffy cloud of candy floss, however small or large, you can slip it into any type of container for storage or eat straight from the stick. Many areas you would normally find candy floss stalls have leaned away from using sticks because of health and safety reasons and the sticks have been known to causes splinters and can be dangerous in the hands of small children.

Most commonly candy floss can be purchased in bags, which are pegged on a line around the fun fair, but depending on where you are, and if your luck, you might find yourself some on your local supermarket shelves! There are also a number of online retailers that now offer candy floss and other confectionary direct to your door.

Supermarkets have in recent years started to stock small containers of coloured candy floss in small containers and can be found within the sweets and confectionary sections of shops.

There is a rainbow of colours out there to be picked from as well as tastes, so whatever your preference you will be sure to find something out there to please your pallet!

Candy floss doesn’t sit alone on the fun fair lines or supermarket shelves. Popcorn exists on a worldwide scale too, playing a neighbouring role as entertainment brain food!

Popcorn can be purchased almost anywhere, and is made by heating corn to extreme temperatures. Heating causes the corns to explode and form small puffy clouds which melt on the tongue. Most commonly a microwave is used for this, and after a short time, the corns will begin to make loud bangs which will increase in frequency until eventually its ready to eat! You can choose to add any flavouring you like, but most commonly salt, sugar and toffee are used.

The cinema is a renowned venue which offers popcorn to its customers. Whatever the film you’re watching; horror, comedy or romance, popcorn is a cinema must, and like its funfair friend is enjoyed by all ages. Be careful though, and make sure you have a drink at the ready as popcorn is known to make you thirsty due to its corny matter and small flakes. The last thing you want is to be leaving mid-way through a film you’re enjoying!

Whoever you are there’s no denying the guilty pleasures of popcorn and candy floss which sticks with you through the ages!

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