Hawaii MMA UFC Event Regulations May Begin to Roadblock the Popular Sport

Although MMA has been long popular in the Hawaiian islands, the State of Hawaii will now impose full sanctions and license events with rules similar to the Nevada State Athletic Commission. With this move it seemed to have opened the door to bring the UFC to Hawaii but with the heavy taxes and licensing fees on promoters it seems to have a negative effect instead of a positive.

UFC president Dana White is now hesitant to put on a UFC in Hawaii. With the economy downturn we need to find ways for promoters to want to continue to put on MMA events in Hawaii. UFC and MMA is very popular in Hawaii and with BJ Penn coming up against Kenny Florian in UFC 101 it should get even more popular. When will be the next major event for MMA in Hawaii? Who knows now with all these sanctions.

If UFC were to come to Hawaii with BJ Penn on the card it will be a sure sellout crowd standing room only and pay per view sales would also be popular with Hawaii residents. It would be awesome. Come on Dane White by putting on a UFC event in Hawaii I’m sure promoters will follow in your footsteps and hold events rather than getting cold feet.

These sanctions will have a major impact in MMA but we all hope that the regulatory sanctions does not roadblock this growing sport.

There has been a lot of commentary that this will drive the sport out of business. Many people agree with this and we need people to band together and approach State lawmakers to see if a compromise can be made. The easiest alternative to this would be to get rid of these sanctions but this will never happen since it’s State law already. A more negotiable compromise would be to tax promoters based on net profit from the event instead of a set amount in the beginning.

We shall see in the coming years if the sport remains stable or goes on a downturn.

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