How No More Military PT Tests Are Hurting My Business

When I left the military I packed on 15 pounds pretty fast.

My recent trip to the doctor’s for the first time outside of the military was highlighted with the lovely comment from the doc, “You know, technically you’re obese.”

I thought for a second about the old big-boned comeback, but then my 2 kids in the room with me bursted out into laughter. They’re 6 & 4, and it didn’t take much to put them over the edge at this point.

That was the first time they heard the word obese. The first time I was called it, technically…

You’d be surprised how many new songs and rhymes kids can come up with on a 15 minute drive home.

I guess going from being semi-active to just sitting at a desk all day nudged me in this direction. So did the late night eating habit I developed while working late hours after the kids go to bed. I justified it by saying to myself at midnight, “I ate over 5 hours ago!”

So here I am, now in the worst shape of my life and it has started to affect my business.

On the surface you might not think it could. But it does, every part of your business.

From the obvious things like self image, confidence, etc and how that correlates to how well you promote your business (which is you). To the not so obvious, like not having the energy to wake up a little earlier for a little me time before the day starts or staying up a little later to finish up some things that took longer than I accounted for.

All of this adds up to hurting the bottom line in business, revenue.

And hurt revenue means lower income.

And lower income puts me one baby step closer to my wife forcing me to get a job!

So I wanted to invite all of you to take the first baby steps with me towards leading a healthy & fit lifestyle. Let’s do it for ourselves, our families, our business.

As members of the military community we are no strangers to the things we need to do to get in shape. Back when I was a leaner me, it was 3 things. Exercise, nutrition & good quality sleep. And I like to keep things simple or I won’t do them.

For the exercise part I want to touch on something that might not be so obvious. When I was younger it was all about how strong I was & how I looked. Now that I’m older this has changed. It’s more important for me to athletic for lack of a better word. To be able to have functionality and mobility. This is why I am going back to my old bodyweight and calisthenics routines. As I’ve gotten older I’ve lost most of my flexibility so stretching will also be important.

For nutrition, let me just tell you this one thing. The months after September 11th, I was working long hours without much time off, as most of us were. I turned to juicing fruits & vegetables as a supplement to help me get over this. After about 2-3 weeks I never felt better in my whole life. I had more energy, slept better and every ache and pain disappeared. People who didn’t see me in a while said my skin and hair looked better than ever and were asking what I did. So I am going to break out that old juicer once again. I might even plug it in.

So good luck on this journey & let’s do it together!

Excuse me while I go do a sit up and eat a leaf of kale…

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