iPod Nike Sport Kit Ultimate Overview

The iPod Nike Sport Kit is an excellent piece of equipment if you are an active person, and especially if you are a runner. In this article we’ll look at how it works and what to expect. After that, we’ll explore the benefits. Let’s get moving…

The iPod Nike Sport Kit is a combination of Apple iPod technology and Nike shoe technology. It allows people to wirelessly monitor their activity with a sensor in the Nike shoe and receiver in the Apple iPod. The sensor detects foot movement and sends the data to a receiver attached to the bottom of the iPod. The collected data is transferred to your computer when the iPod is docked and synchronization occurs.

To operate the iPod Nike Sport Kit you place a sensor in a specially designed pocket in your special Nike shoe (i.e., Nike+) and then you plug a receiver into your iPod Nano dock connector. The sensor and receiver can give you real-time performance feedback. You’ll get this information right on your iPod screen. And, as mentioned above, you can load it to your computer as well. With the iPod Nike Sport Kit you can track distance, pace, calories burned, and amount of time. It’s very slick technology.

Just to be clear, you’ll need three things to make this all work. First, you’ll need a pair of special Nike+ shoes. Only Nike+ shoes have a built-in compartment in the specially designed in the sole of the shoe, specially designed for the iPod Nano and wireless receiver. Second, you’ll need an iPod Nano. It’s obviously small and light, built for the job. Finally, you need the Nike+ iPod Sport Kit itself, which allows your shoe to talk to your iPod.

Active people reading this probably already understand the benefits but let’s take a quick look at them. It’s important to cover the details.

First, you can run to your favorite music. If you don’t already have a portable music player, the iPod Nano is a good choice because it is small, light and generally easy to use. Second, you can get excellent workout information that you probably didn’t have before, including the items mentioned above, including things like distance, pace and calories burned. You can track this performance on your PC or your Mac. Third, the technology is wireless so there is much less chance or getting tangled up or hurt. Wireless simplicity means higher usability. Fourth, the performance data synchronization occurs naturally as part of your iPod synchronization. Nothing extra or special is required.

There are some special benefits beyond the ones noted above. Specifically, the data can also be synced up to nikeplus.com, if you care. On nikeplus.com you can set goals, see your runs, and even challenge friends. This can be set up automatically, so again, easy of use is relatively high. Furthermore, on the Apple iTunes Store, there is a Nike Sports Music section which features some interesting content. There are workout mixes with coaching and motivation tips that play over music. There are sport mixes that are professionally (top athlete) created mixes as well as podcasts.

Of course, there are many other excellent music sources available. As with any iPod selection, definitely shop around for the music that fits your mood and your style. You’re not limited to iTunes to find great music, podcasts, and videos.

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