Musical Freestyle, a Fun Sport for Your Dog

There is this new sport for dogs that is very competitive. This sport is musical freestyle. Musical freestyle is like a dog obedience show but the both the dog and the handler should follow the rhythm of the music while performing. This is more of a dance performance because following the rhythm of the music is a major part of the performance and it has a lot of points.

The main objective of this sport is to display the talent of the dog. Because the main goal of this sport is to display the talent of the dog, this factor is the one that is being rated by the judges. The judges have to look a lot at a perspective in judging this type of sport. Some of the details they have to consider are the difficulty of the movements, the attitude and enthusiasm of the dog, and the execution of the movements of the dog and the handler. Showing of a very difficult movement gets a lot of point because this makes the performance unique than the others. As stated before, the main goal of this sport is to show the talent of the dog, therefore it is about the dog that is why the attitude and the enthusiasm of the dog is another main thing. The movement of the handler is also essential in the performance because the handler is the guide of the dog to perform its talent and without the handler, the dog will have nothing to perform. There are also other details to consider in judging this sport, like the costumes and props but these three major categories are the main factors for judging.

This sport is very competitive because creativity is the main weapon in performing in this kind of sport. Creativity varies from different people this is the reason why the competition in this sport is really intense. Mastering the movements is also an important detail but this can be done by training and practicing everyday or making the performance as a daily routine.

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