Panti Medicine Trail in Belize

Belize, The Panti Mayan Medicine Trail

Ix Chel was founded in 1983, the first major step was to clear away the high bush in the area. It was founded with the desire to be of service to those interested in learning of the useful plants in Belize and their role in healing and tradition. The whole farm is a nature study center that is self sufficient in food, medicine, and the conversion of solar energy.

The Maya Indians were very knowledgeable in the healing capabilities of plants and herbs. One off the last remaining medicine men, or H’men was Don Eligio Panti of San Antonio, Cayo District.

H’man is an ancient Mayan term used to designate one who is both a doctor and priest. The medicine men were very influential in the lives of the Mayan Indians.

The Mayan herbalist is adept at combining medicine and religion according to ancient healing traditions.The procedures all contained nine different medicine leaves. Nine being a most vital number in the Mayan civilization, as there are nine Mayan Spirits who watch over all the Mayan empire, there are nine Lords of the underworld, nine levels of the underworld, and most ancient Mayan Temples had nine tiers of nine steps each, also the rituals are repeated nine times.

The Ix Chel Medicine Farm was founded mainly by Dr. Rosita Arvigo, after being an apprentice of Don Eligo Panti for several years. She wanted to learn of his knowledge, to preserve the tradition of ancient remedies and the Mayan medicinal system of intermingling the physical and supernatural worlds to create what is called a medico-religious system, before it was lost to the world.

Twenty-five percent of the world’s commercial medicines come from plant based chemicals found only in tropical regions. In the future the research could reveal cures for cancer, high blood pressure and many other diseases.

Dr. Rosita says, “They are participating inn the National Cancer Institute’s program to scour the tropical world in search of medicinal plants to be tested against one hundred types of cancer cells and three AIDS viruses.Through wholelistic medicine stressing manipulation, herbal remedies, diet therapy, and Back Flower remedies, Dr. Rosita Arvigo and her staff hope to continue their work and find cures for many diseases affecting modern man.”

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