Sport It

Whether it’s box seats with coworkers or a casual dinner with clients, it’s time to realize that boat shoes and a polo just won’t cut it anymore. Then again, there are times when a navy suit just doesn’t cut it. So play it safe this summer with the business casual clutch play: The Sport Coat.

When we say sport coat, we’re not talking about that navy blue blazer (read: brass buttons) that you got two sizes too big just because it was on sale. Today’s sport coats can have more personality; cut it with shape, custom detailing, and in a simple pattern or color. Then consider what to put underneath it.

Under the jacket you’ll need a collared shirt with buttons from top to bottom. That means no t-shirts or polo’s. Why? You’ll want a dressier shirt underneath in case the sport coat needs to be benched. Take a swing with color and pattern on this one, or keep it crisp and white. Just be sure to fit it right; it’ll make a statement without saying a word.

Keep it professional by tucking in the shirt, just make sure it’s not into some cotton chino. In fact, ditch cotton all together and opt for dress slacks. That means a wool pant in a contrasting color. While the mere mention of wool might make you itch and sweat, be aware that it wicks moisture away better than cotton and can be softer.

To finish it off, consider the shoes. If you can comfortably walk a 5k in them, you’ll probably need something dressier. Opt for a pair in all leather, in classic black or brown. A thinner, slimmer sole will compliment the modern ensemble. Follow this play by play for the sartorial score at the next company outing.

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