The Chinese Naval Capability Continues to Grow

Many defense industry and global military analysts are concerned with the advancement of the Chinese Naval Forces. And for good reason as it seems the Treasure Fleet Sails Again and Admiral Zhang is on the bridge. Those who underestimate the future Chinese Sea Power fail to understand history, or the Chinese people’s ability to think big and then execute their large scale long term plans with deadly agility and strength.

If we look at some of the recent news in Naval Weaponry and advanced naval vessels we do see some interesting things here in April of 2009. First, China has been rather quiet in building up its Navy, but now the Nation is showing its drive towards becoming the second World’s Super Power. The nation is now going to show off some of its sea prowess, as per this global headline:

Chinese Navy puts it high-tech submarines on display for the world as show

The Interesting thing about putting a submarine on display is you cannot tell a whole lot about it, as much of what you are looking for will be under the water line. However, the antennas that go to some of its electronic hardware are what make the vessel a real sea monster. Size also matters meaning it can carry more weapons and stay underwater for longer as well. So, no one should underestimate the Chinese sub program.

Still the US Navy, the greatest naval force ever assembled belonging to the most powerful nation in human history also announced the purchasing of some new ships with this recent headline:

General Dynamics wins bid to supply 5 US Navy Destroyers DGS 1000

Well, what can we say except these littoral stealthy boars are more than perfect for hunting pirates, drug dealers on the water or just about anything anywhere that cares to show themselves. Interestingly enough, some say this is also perfect timing after the Capitan Richard Phillips incident with the pirates. Are the two related, some conspiracy theorists might think so, but these pirates have been a pain in the butt for quite a while, so this was to be expected.

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