Weight Pulling Dog Sport

Weight pulling is a fun and healthy activity to do with your dog. The size of the dog is not really a big issue in this type of sport because what really matters here in this kind of sport is how you train the dog in preparation for weight pulling.

There are actually a lot of basic things that you and your dog need to know on how to start preparing for the weight pulling dog sport. At a young age of twelve to sixteen weeks, this is a very good time to train dogs to become great players of this sport and this is also to train their body at a young age for intense training. During these times, you are not to put the harness on the dog to just let the dog play around with the harness but instead have your dog wear it to get used to it. There are harnesses that are so small it can fit a twelve pound dog and it will also fit until thirty pounds to thirty-three pounds. There are a lot of different harness available you can choose from but just remember to choose a harness that your dog is comfortable wearing. These harnesses do not cost that much and buying a harness is a good way to start.

If the dog is already comfortable in wearing the harness, this is the time where you will start to have them pull a small load for the dog to be able to get used to pulling and for them to realize that they are being trained to pull.

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