Why Fast Food Dining Will Soar in Latin America

Local economic growth fosters individual prosperity.

The resulting rise in personal income benefits everyone.

Our neighbors to the South are much like all other consumers on the planet.

With greater personal income, they will desire better lifestyles and will purchase better homes, clothing, and food.

Like the rest of us, they will make use of their “extra” money to make life better for themselves and their loved ones. This is a natural process that happens in every modern society. When folks can afford a four-bedroom home, for example, they usually don’t settle for a two-bedroom home!

Among the products most responsive to rising consumer spending is food.

I’ve noticed in my travels, in every culture that I’ve had the opportunity to observe, that the family mealtime is a special occasion.

“Dining out” is not unique to our culture. Throughout the world, families in modern societies often use restaurants to gather and celebrate family successes and anniversaries.

Today, dining out is no longer limited to celebrations.

More and more, as rising personal income allows, people are choosing the convenience of having multiple meals each week outside of the home.

Within the restaurant sector of most local economies, the fast food industry is the fastest growing. This industry provides the greatest profits within the sector.

One of the most profitable ways to participate in the economic growth of Latin American countries is to purchase the stock of companies that are meeting the growing demand for fast food restaurants.

It’s wise to pick a proven company.

It’s tempting to go in search of a new company with a new theme, but why take chances?

Among the fast food chains, McDonald’s sets the standard for success throughout the world and continues to grow wherever personal income is rising.

McDonald’s largest franchisee is a company that now has exclusive control over all the Latin American countries from Mexico to Argentina and the Caribbean as well.

They are poised for explosive growth.

Here in the United States, there seems to be a McDonald’s on every street corner.

In Latin America, however, the opportunity for growth is incredible.

Even though they are already the most successful fast food chain in Latin America, the demographics indicate that they will grow exponentially in the coming decade.

In 2003, less than half of the people in Latin America could afford to eat out regularly in fast food restaurants. Today, over 60% of the people have the personal income to take advantage of the convenience that fast food restaurants provide.

Consider their past performance.

Buying the stock of this company today is much like buying the stock of McDonald’s 30 or 40 years ago.

The only difference I see is that the pace of growth will be quicker in Latin America.

The McDonald’s Latin American franchisee is following a proven model for success and they are well on their way toward massive profits.

If you want to investigate this company further, follow this link:


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